Homemade Sesame Dressing With Soba Roll



250g soba noodles

¼ cucumber

40g chives

4 nori sheets

(For 24 bites)

Sesame dressing:

50ml sesame paste

50ml mirin

60ml soy sauce

25ml rice vinegar

1 tbsp saikyo miso (white sweet miso)

1 garlic

1 shallot

30ml water



  1. For making the sesame dressing, put all the seasonings and ingredients into a food processor or blender, then process until smooth and thick texture.
  2. Place the nori at the front of the bamboo mat. *The rough side of the nori should be face up.
  3. Put a bunch of noodle on the nori, spread evenly and leave a blank space about 3cm from the back edge of the nori. *it will end be used to seal the roll.
  4. Spread wasabi cream along the groove if you like it hot. Place the chives and cucumber alongside in the centre.
  5. Start rolling! hold the bamboo mat and nori with noodle, fold the near edge of nori and toward the edge of noodle but *leave the blank space of nori, take care of the fillings in the centre of the roll, then press the noodle along the bamboo mat.
  6. Unroll the mat then use it to roll the rest of nori.
  7. Place the blank space (the edge) of nori down to seal the roll.
  8. Cut the roll into a bite size.
  9. Serve with sesame dressing.


The recipe is supplied by

Atsuko's Kitchen