Be On The Cutting Edge – Kitchen Knife Review

Using sharp, quality kitchen knives can make the difference between having to cook and loving to cook. Great knife skills are an incredible asset to any chef and top sushi chefs take five years to train.


We decided to look at what knives are out there and put them through their slicing, dicing and chopping paces.

Seriously Sharp Ceramic Knives by Kyocera

Kyocera knives and accessories feature ceramic blades which are extraordinarily sharp – you can rest a bigger one on the top of a tomato and it will start slicing without any force, they’re that sharp. They also have extremely long cutting lives and are astonishingly light. All Kyocera ceramic blades are precision sharpened.


Ceramic blades retain their original sharpness up to ten times longer than carbon and stainless steel blades and are extremely hard and durable. The use of ceramic is also a healthy alternative as it will not transfer metal ions to food, nor corrode from acids and oils in fruit.


We love these – they really are super sharp and probably the sharpest knives out there. They’re certainly not the cheapest option and because they’re ceramic, you need to be really careful with them.

We tried the Kyocera Santoku Knife made from carbon-infused anthracite with an RRP of £87.00 and the Utility Knife with an RRP of £62.00. The handle is perfectly designed to sit snugly into the hand and they are a sheer pleasure to use.


We also gave the Perfect Peeler a road test, which has a rotating head so making it a breeze to peel anything, whether you’re right or left handed. With an RRP of £17.00, this is a great investment for anyone.


Find out more about these wonderful products by visiting Kyocera’s website.


Super Stylish – Ceramic Knives by Cook’s Essentials

This block from Cook’s Essentials from QVC includes four essential ceramic knives and a pair of scissors all packaged in a sleek and stylish design of contrasting black and red.


What makes this a real talking point is the interior which is made up of plastic spaghetti, so each knife can be easily placed securely anywhere within the block.


It’s fascinating and even got my teenagers putting knives away.


The block contains:

  • 1 x paring knife
  • 2 x utility knives
  • 1 x serrated utility knife
  • 1 x scissors


The blades are all dark grey and the knives, which come in individual sheaves, are comfortable to hold. A great present for a student or a young couple at £55 – read more.

Easily Affordable Professional Knives by VonShef

Look and act like a true professional with the VonShef 9 Piece Professional Knife Set. It comes complete with a smart black zip-up case for storage and carrying, making it ideal for the BBQ fanatics out there.



Set comprises 25cm Carving Knife (2.5mm thick blade), 20cm Chef’s Knife (2.5mm thick blade), 20cm Bread Knife (2.5mm thick blade), 20cm Knife Sharpener, 20cm Boning Knife (2.5mm thick blade), 17cm Meat Cleaver (2.5mm thick blade), 15cm Carving Fork (2mm thick blade), 11cm Paring Knife (2mm thick blade) and 9cm Paring Knife (2mm thick blade).


Made from high-grade stainless steel with blades and handles as one, the knives cut through food effortlessly and the easy grip, hollow stainless steel handles are straightforward to use.


All this for an astonishing for £24.99…what’s not to like?


Professional Approach – Knives by Tsuki

These classic chefs knives by Tsuki feature a Japanese VG-10 stainless steel core hardened up to 60° Rockwell rating, providing great cutting performance that goes on and on.


Two layers of attractive Damask steel cover the core to protect against corrosion and an ergonomic composite fabric and resin handles provide an excellent grip.


We tried the Tsuki Japanese Chefs Knife and the Tsuki Japanese Sontoku Knife, both at £34.99 a piece.

Ninja Knives by Alliance

Go all pro looking with this 10-piece knife set and case from Alliance for £44.


This black-handled range of professional knives offer a full tang blade, with razor sharp molybdenum steel blade, giving initial sharpness and cutting edge retention. Larger knives have soft grip handles for comfortable and positive handling.

Knife Set High Res


Turning Japanese – Stellar Samurai Knives

These range of Stellar Samurai knives certainly look the part and are specifically designed for creating authentic Japanese dishes.


The traditional willow blade knife is used in sushi kitchens everywhere to prepare sashimi and perfect for fine slicing.


The knives feature traditional single sided blades made from surgical stainless steel, so if you’re left handed, these aren’t the knives for you. With names like Yanagiba, Deba, Usuba and Santoku, combined with their stylish wooden handles, you’ll feel like a sushi pro.

Each of the knives has an RRP of around £25.00 – take a look.

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