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International Sushi Day 2016

There are days to celebrate just about everything scattered throughout our calendars, but our favourite is definitely International Sushi Day. What’s more, this year it takes place on Saturday June 18th and we’ll be at the BBC Good Food Show. So come along and learn how to make traditional sushi with Danny, a sushi chef of many years.

International Sushi Day was only started in 2009 by sushi enthusiasts on social media so it’s pretty new, which means there aren’t lots of traditions associated with it, other than the suggestion you eat lots of sushi to celebrate. However, we’ve got some really interesting sushi ideas we’ve created with the British people in mind, so watch this space!


Infographic by Peter Arkle for Food & Drink


Great British Sushi Search

There’s the California Roll, the Hawaiian Roll and Norway introduced salmon to Japan and sushi in the 70s. So Yutaka has decided it is time the Brits developed a patriotic sushi of their own.


They’re challenging the Great British public to come up with the ultimate UK sushi variant in time for International Sushi Day, which takes place on June 18th this year. They have kick-started things with six British staples sushi recipes;


British Breakfast Maki Roll


Deep-fried Haggis Onigiri


Fish & Chip Nigiri


Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding Roll

Roastbeef Sushi

Cream Tea Sushi Scone


Apple Crumble & Custard Roll


Each of the six recipes is a fusion of British and Japanese cuisine and features locally sourced British ingredients.


Yutaka will award the creator of the winning sushi idea a year’s supply of Japanese ingredients and their recipe will be featured on the company website. The winner will be announced at the BBC Good Food Show at the NEC on International Sushi Day.

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Anyone interested in taking part should visit the company’s Twitter page @YutakaNews or Facebook page.


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