Yutaka’s Sushi Graduates

Part of the induction process at Yutaka is to ensure employees know how to make sushi. It’s a tough old life, isn’t it? Marie, James and Colin headed off to North London for a crash course in becoming a sushi chef. Marie explains what they learnt.


What did you learn?

We learnt how to prepare sushi rice the correct way as it can be a complicated process. We were shown how it can easily be achieved using a rice cooker. The key thing is to always use sushi rice, follow the instructions on the packaging and make sure you allow plenty of time for the rice to cool. This ensures the starch is given enough time to create the stickiness of sushi rice, which is key to making it hold together.


Another tip was to remember to clean your knife after each cut when making maki. This ensures a smooth cut, otherwise the rice get in the way of the clean edges you’re after.


Amongst the different types of sushi we made were temaki, hasomaki, futomaki, inarizushi, uramaki (California roll), nigirizushi and a sweet egg omelette.


How did the day go?

Upon arrival we were asked to take our shoes off and were given traditional Japanese slippers to wear, which were so comfy and actually big enough to fit my massive feet into. We were also given a traditional Japanese chef jacket to wear.


Was it the first time you all made sushi?

None of us had ever made sushi before so it was an amazing experience. We were led by two great instructors from HAIK.


Having just completed the search for British-themed sushi, what would your suggestion be?

James is a roast dinner kind of a chap so his choice would be lamb and mint sauce with a gravy dip. Colin enjoys Christmas lunch so his suggestion is turkey with cranberry sauce and I’m a vegetarian so fancy giving cheese-baked asparagus sushi a go.

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