Six Asian Influences on 2018 Food Trends & How to Create in Your Own Kitchen

In a 2016 study by the British Medical Journal, it was found that following a traditional Japanese diet increases longevity and reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes. This means eating plenty of grains and vegetables, moderate amounts of meat and soy, but very little dairy and fruit.



Interestingly, many of the food trends being cited as ones to watch in 2018 reflect an overall healthier approach to eating and draw on Asian influences. Japanese food company Yutaka looks at the biggest of these trends which offer soul food that’s good for you.

Fermented Foods

A focus on gut health continues with the likes of kimchi, miso and other fermented products as well as pickled foods continuing to be all the rage.  More about Yutaka’s Fermented Kimchi.


With January designated as “Veganuary” and more people realising the benefits of a plant-based diet, veganism is becoming a lot more mainstream with many cuisines returning to their plant-based roots. Increasing numbers of recipes feature tofu and you’ll also find edamame and soy as an alternative to pasta – take a look at our range of Ching’s Noodles.

Speciality Teas

Our obsession with coffee shops is being eclipsed by tea as the new drink of choice. Green tea in its many varieties continues to be a popular starting point for flavour additions – our popcorn green tea is a great place to start your tea habit.

Poke Bowls

Although these originated in Hawaii, poke is basically sushi in a bowl. They look set to go from strength-to-strength this year and feature a balanced meal of raw fish, all sorts of veggies accompanied by rice or noodles –


Philippino Foods

The interest in Korean food will continue but people will turn to the Philippines for the next international food craze.

Their diet features lots of rice, soy, noodles and ginger so you’ll be able to stock up on these ingredients –

Hybrid Food

Sushi burritos and waffogato (ice cream waffle soaked in espresso) were big in 2017 and there’s no let-up in this trend for bringing different food ideas together.