Bring on Ching

Yutaka introduced its wonderful range of edamame & soybean noodles last year inspired by TV chef Ching-he Huang. We thought you might like to know a little more about the lady behind the name.

Ching is an International Emmy nominated TV chef & cookery author who has become an ambassador of Chinese cooking around the world. Born in Taiwan, raised in South Africa and the UK, cookery was a vital connection between Ching and her Chinese heritage.

Ching’s approach to cookery stems from the traditional cooking and lifestyle of her farming-community grandparents in Southern Taiwan and her major food influences.

Her creative food ethos is to use fresh, organic and ethically-sourced ingredients to create modern dishes with Chinese heritage, fusing tradition and innovation. Ching strives to bridge cultural understanding through food, making Chinese cooking accessible, healthy and nutritious, appealing to both the East and West.

Ching has demonstrated she is the go-to expert for Chinese cuisine. Her career in the media as a TV chef and author has spanned the last decade, transforming people’s perceptions of Chinese food over this time by keeping it fresh, popular and engaged. She works tirelessly to promote Chinese cuisine through her TV shows, books, wok range and involvement in many high-profile campaigns and causes.

Ching’s dynamic approach to modern Chinese food is evident in her immensely popular TV work and she recently hosted three episodes of Saturday Kitchen Live on the BBC.

She also enjoys huge success in the United States through her TV programmes commissioned by the Cooking Channel.

Ching has also published eight best-selling cookbooks to date and has also developed her own wok. Married to actor Jamie Cho, she splits her time between the UK and the US.

Ching’s Choice noodle recipes.