Quick & Easy Japanese Xmas Party Food from Yutaka

If you’re looking for quick and easy yet innovative recipes for making party food with a twist this Christmas, Yutaka has lots to offer with its Japanese finger food recipes.

Yutaka is the home of quality Japanese food and its website is packed with recipe ideas that are perfect for parties. They’re great value too, as you’ll find most of the ingredients in major supermarkets throughout the UK. Here’s just a few of our favourite party recipes:

Authentic Japanese recipes perfect for parties:

Sushi rolls! – sushi is perfect for parties and you can have fun with the presentation to give them a festive feel.  Perfect finger food and they’re even fun to make together with friends.

Kushi Age Deep Fried Skewers – a crispy panko and tempura coating make these cocktail-stick snacks irresistible.

Edamame in pods – A high protein and natural snack that is super easy to make. Sprinkle them with salt or chilli flakes for a healthy party snack that’s tasty too.

Pan-fried Gyoza with dipping sauce – half-moon dumplings, pan-fried in moments and served with a dipping sauce.

Chicken Teriyak Bao Bun – a fluffy bun filled with delicious chicken teriyaki and salad.

Deep-fried Haggis Nigiri – a Scottish take on sushi perfect for Burns’ Night.

Deep South Xmas Chicken – slices of panko-coated chicken served with ketchup.

Vegan Tofu Egg Nog – a tasty take on seasonal egg nog perfect for vegans and anyone wanting to keep an eye on the calories.

You’ll find lots more great ideas at www.yutaka.london/recipes or keep an eye out for more ideas across our social media.