Sushi Nori 11 g (5 sheets)


*This packet contains a bag of moisture absorbent sachet. Do not eat and keep away from children.
‚Äč*Harvested in an area where shrimps are present

Storage information
Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep sealed.

Nutritional Information Typical Values
per 100g


1024kJ/ 242kcal

of which saturates


of which sugars






Product of Origin
Product of Republic of Korea.


Sushi Nori 11 g (5 sheets)

Sushi Nori

is a seaweed wrapper for sushi rolls.

Suitable for Vegetarian

How to roll maki sushi:

1. Place a sheet of nori onto the bamboo rolling mat.

2. Spread the cooked and seasoned rice as evenly as possible over the nori, making sure to keep a thin layer of rice and leave a 1cm gap free from rice at the top and bottom as you will need this to seal the roll.

3. Place the fillings on the rice and make a line of fillings. Do not put too much filling in otherwise it will be difficult to roll.

4. Begin rolling the nori carefully and evenly around the filling, using the mat to help shape it, rolling away from you and pressing firmly. Pull the bamboo mat away from you, and make sure to keep rolling the nori around itself.

5. Once the roll is complete, press down firmly on the mat helping to compress the roll slightly so that it keeps its shape.

6. Cut evenly and serve with Yutaka soy sauce, wasabi paste, and sushi ginger.


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