Sushi Nori Half Cut 14g (10 sheets)



*This packet contains a bag of moisture absorbent sachet. Do not eat and keep away from children.
*Harvested in an area where shrimps are present


Storage Instruction
Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Once opened, keep sealed.


Nutritional information typical values
per 100g


1024kJ/ 242kcal

of which saturates


of which sugars






Product of Origin
Product of China.


Sushi Nori Half Cut 14g (10 sheets)


Crisp, savoury and with a rich Umami flavour, Nori is made from sea vegetable known as laver in English.
A cupboard essential for making sushi, nori is also great as a topping on salads or in soup noodles to add extra flavour and texture. 

This half cut size is perfect for making uramaki (inside-out rolls), hosomaki (thin rolls) and temaki (hand rolls).

How to make temaki rolls:

Temaki (Japanese for 'hand roll') is a simple, fun and easy way to make sushi at home, perfect for making with friends and family using Yutaka's range of sushi ingredients.

1. Hold one sheet of nori on your left hand with the rough side up. Wet your other hand and take one egg-sized amount of cooked and seasoned sushi rice. Spread onto the left side of the nori and make a groove in the middle for the fillings.

2. Spread some wasabi along this groove if you wish and place your delicious fillings on top.

3. Lift the bottom left corner of the nori so that it covers the bottom half of the fillings and creates a cone.

4. Rotate this cone to the right side of the nori so that the whole sheet wraps around itself. Eat as soon as possible to enjoy the crispness of the nori.

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