Shirataki noodles

Shirataki is a perfect alternative to pasta as it has almost no calories. Gluten free, healthy, low calories… All in one!

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Udon are traditional Japanese noodles made with wheat flour. Yutaka noodles have no additives or preservatives and are very easy to cook! They have a firm bite and silky texture, which is perfect for boiling up and adding to soups, stir-fries, and salads.


Did you know that traditional Japanese Teriyaki differs from the Teriyaki used in abroad?
As the word “Teri” means “glaze” and “Yaki” means “grill”, Teriyaki is a traditional Japanese way of cooking, which gives dishes glaze. It is made of soy sauce, mirin, sake, and sugar and the proportion depends on each preferences.
On the other hand, in Western countries where Teriyaki is a big thing, most of the people think of Teriyaki as a sauce! It’s accepted more as a ready seasoning than as a way of glazing food.

Miso Soups

Do you know what is the difference between white and red miso?
The colour difference comes from the fermentation period and usually the longer it matures, the darker it gets. White miso has about 10 days to 1 month fermenting time, while red miso has 6 months to 3 years.
Therefore, there is a taste difference: White miso is considered to be mild, sweet, and light, while Red miso has stronger and richer in umami taste. White is better for making soups and dressings, and red is perfect for marinade meat or fish.

Miso Category

Tamari Soy Sauce

Yutaka’s Tamari soy sauce is organic and completely gluten free! It is naturally brewed using Japanese original method, which doesn’t use wheat.
It is Winner of the 2014 Great Taste Award and the ingredients have all been certified as organic by Organic Soil Association.

Tamari Sauce

Soba noodles Salad

Our Soba salad recipe ticks all boxes for a light meal! Easy, quick, and healthy.

Soba Noodles Salad Recipe


Soybeans play great role in Japanese food culture. They are used to make the Japanese essentials, Soy sauce, Miso, Tofu, and Kinako (toasted soy flour powder commonly used to sweeten Japanese desserts).
Edamame are also part of this soybean collection. They are basically young soybeans that have been harvested before the beans have become hard.
They are great source of protein and are perfect afternoon snack and best partner of beer!

Sesame seeds

Yutaka has both white and black sesame seeds, both being loved for many years by now! You can add or sprinkle on any dishes such as soups, stir-fries, noodles, and salads.
Of course, it is also perfect for making uramaki-sushi!


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Yakiniku Wrap


Tofu is made of soya, which makes it an excellent source of protein and amino acids.
You can eat it raw, stir-fried, in soup, cooked in sauce, and even could be used for making desserts.

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Okonomiyaki is cabbage-based savoury pancake, which is also known as Japanese pizza! Okonomiyaki means “what you like - grill” and as it says, you can choose the main ingredients.
Did you know there are two types of Okonomiyaki, “Hiroshima style” and “Kansai style”? Can you guess the main difference?
“Hiroshima style” starts firstly with grilling the plain pancake and then is topped with the chosen cooked ingredients. While at “Osaka style”, all ingredients are firstly mixed together and then grilled on hot plate.

Okonomyaki Recipe

Tofu Cheesecake

Tofu Recipes

Gyoza (dumplings)

How to Cook Tasty Gyoza?

1. Heat 1tbsp of oil in a frying pan.
Add frozen Yutaka Gyoza, allowing plenty of space between each piece.

Sizzle until the bottom of the gyoza is slightly charred. (1 - 2 minutes)
2. While the pan is hot, add ½ cup of cold water. (Be careful of oil splashes!)

Cover the pan and cook for a further 4-5 minutes on a low light.

3. When most of the water has evaporated, gently remove the gyoza and serve immediately with Gyoza dipping sauce.

How to make Gyoza dipping sauce:
Mix 5 tsp Yutaka Soy Sauce, 4 tsp Yutaka Rice Vinegar and an optional splash of chilli oil.

Vegetable Sushi Bento with Uramaki

Vegetable Sushi Bento with Uramaki

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